How I "slept it off" and got my body, energy, and confidence back

...WITHOUT Giving Up Sweets, Carbs, or "Adult Beverages"!

When I was stuck at 209, just thinking about fitness was enough to make me tired.

I knew what it would take because I talked to my fit and beautiful friends about it. Date night meant bland food, hours at the gym, and no more "adult beverages."

That's what I thought, at least.

When I was in the fitting room at my favorite store, everything started. I had found the perfect dress, and since it was nice and flowy, I thought it would still fit me.
By Sandy J. 53 from Indianapolis, IN
But when I tried to put the dress on,... I couldn't even get it over my shoulders. Even worse, I couldn't get it off either. So as I moved around in the fitting room, the skirt got in the way and made it hard for me to see.

I heard the woman who ran the store gasp all of a sudden. 

Not realizing I had left the dressing room where I was trying on clothes, but the dress was still mostly over my head. It was one of those annoying dressing rooms where there was no door, just a thin curtain.

Good thing she was the only one else there! She led me back to the dressing room with care and helped me take the dress off.

I was so ashamed that I started crying right then. And because she seemed so nice, I told her everything that was bothering me.

My waist felt tight. My low energy all the time. My bad temper. The loss of closeness with my husband. My crazy busy schedule. Loss of hope that things will get better. My fitful sleep.

When I said the word "sleep," her face lit up.

"What if I told you that fixing your sleep would solve all your problems?"

I wasn't sure...until she looked at a picture on her phone of a woman who looked plain and awkward.

"I used to be like this!" She said. "But then I did this PM ritual that a friend told me about. It turns out that sleep is the best way to speed up your metabolism... but most people just don't get deep enough sleep! This PM routine takes care of that."
I finally had a little bit of hope. She might have been right. And if she was, that PM ritual would help me sleep much more than anything else.

So, as soon as I got home, I watched the video she sent me to explain what this "PM ritual" was and began doing it myself.

I'm now down to 134 pounds and LOVE IT! I sleep better, have energy all day, and my moods are much more stable and good than they used to be.

Oh, and going out with the husband on a date is WAY more fun than it used to be.

This "PM ritual" has changed my life in every's now your turn. Just click on the link below to see what the "PM ritual" can do for you...

Helping with the Wellness Journey,

- Sandy J.

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