208 to a slim 145, how this forgotten 
Before Bed Ritual gave me m
body, energy, and confidence back

…WITHOUT Giving Up Dessert, Carbs, or “Adult Beverages”!

About me: Sandy J. I work in the food business, have two children and one grandchild, and I am happily married.
I love my life, my husband, and the new energy I've found.
December 19: About 4 minutes to read.
I tried everything...
When I was stuck at 254, I tried every miracle diet: 
- Adkins
- Keto
- Paleo
- Fasting...

We've all been told to eat right, work out, and drink lots of water, and if the weight doesn't come off, it's our fault.

I was tired, angry, and sad, so I went back to eating to feel better.
By Sandy J. 53 from Indianapolis, IN
My story starts at the beginning of last year, when things really started to change.
When we moved from Fargo, North Dakota to sunny Denver, Colorado last year, things got worse.
We had lived in Fargo for a long time, but as years go by, the bitter cold winters were too much for us. ☃️

So we chose to move to Denver when my husband got a great job offer there.

We said goodbye and good riddance to Fargo's cold, snowy, below-zero winters. And "hello" to Denver, Colorado, which is warm, sunny, and full of fun things to do outside. 🧗♂️
I didn't know (or knew but didn't care) that I had grown to almost 210 pounds in the last few years. I never thought about that when I lived in North Dakota, which was cold and windy, so I was always wrapped up, even in the cool summers.

(If you're like me, you've noticed that keeping track of your food gets harder as you get older, much harder. Energy levels drop. So I bet you can relate to my story)
But things were different in Denver, Colorado, which was warm and full of things to do. Everyone was always out and about wearing workout clothes and shorts with crop tops.

As soon as we got to Denver, my husband was always going somewhere. He wanted to go hiking, swimming, riding bikes, and even light mountain climbing.

My husband asked me to go with him all the time, but I always had a reason. I was too embarrassed to wear shorts and a t-shirt out in public, let alone a swimming suit. And I wasn't in any shape to try to climb a mountain.

I knew things weren't going well because my husband wanted to spend time with me, but I always said "not today."

So I tried…
- walking 
- Jenny Craig
- Atkins
- Keto
- Yoga
- Weight loss exercise shows on TV and every new diet I heard about. (I even bought Spanx)

Even though I tried hard, I couldn't get the scale to move. So I gave up and went back to eating the foods and meals I liked. 🍕🍨


So I kept sitting at home by myself while he went out and did all the things metro Denver had to offer. Even in the bedroom, I felt embarrassed about myself.

Samantha, my younger sister, is a flight attendant. She knew I'd been having trouble with my weight for a long time.
Sam has always had a great body, unlike me. She has never had to worry about her weight.

Then, while I was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, the strangest thing happened. Sam gave me a call. 📞 She was so happy that she could barely hold it together.

She heard a woman talk about her "transformation" on a recent flight from Detroit to LA.

My sister's curiosity got the best of her, so she asked, "Can you tell me about your change?"

She listened as the women talked about a simple way to end the day. "It makes your body go faster every morning, and it only takes a few seconds to do".

My sister thought this couldn't be real and couldn't be that easy. But Sam noticed that this traveler looked to be about my age and was in great shape.

She told Sam that keeping a healthy weight has nothing to do with things like:

> Genetics (which is what my doctor has always told me)
> Going to bed hungry (I hate that feeling)
> Not eating your favorite snacks
> Avoiding carbs
> Working out nonstop
> Fasting all the time
Etc., etc.

Sam knew I didn't like where I was in life and this video that described the "bedtime routine" that had made this passengers life different, could possible help me too.

It turns out that it's a simple method that safely speeds up your metabolism.

Sam was so happy that she called me before her next trip to Phoenix. She told me about the passenger and give me the video link.

After I got off the phone with Sam, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I had only two options:

1. Worry about what to eat, how much to work out, how to hide my shame, and how to tell my husband "not today."

2. Take the time to watch the whole video about this "bedtime ritual" and see if it could change me.

I chose option #2, spending the time to watch the whole video to see if it could help me. I had nothing to lose, anyway.

After a few months, this simple "bedtime ritual" has made a huge difference in how I feel:
My energy levels started going up and wanted to hit the outdoors.
➼ My feet are no longer swollen.
My hair looked healthier and fuller.
➼ My skin felt less saggy.
➼ I no longer snore when I sleep, which means I can get a good night's sleep. 
I no longer get out of breath from just walking.
➼ I could fit into my old clothes again.
➼ My memory and my mood got so much better
Got me to say "yes" when my husband asked if I wanted to go camping, swimming, or biking.
I'm back, and I've gone from 208 pounds to 145 pounds. Even my doctor is surprised at how much I've changed, and it's all because of a simple bedtime routine.

I hope you'll take the time to watch the video if you're having the same problems I was. It changed me, and it could do the same for you.

PS: I'm almost small enough to wear my skinny daughter's jeans.
Amazing things happened when I tried this routine before bedtime.
Given that I am middle aged. I feel like a new woman, young and full of life. Yes, that's the right word—rejuvenated.

I hope that my story has given you some ideas. So you too can begin a life-changing trip that will change you.

With best wishes, 
Sandy J.

PS: My husband also loves how I've changed. We are now both loving all of Denver's outdoor activities.

⛹️♀️🧗♀️🚵♀️🏊♀️🏌️♀️🪂 (Just kidding about skydiving...too scared)

Click below to see if this could also help you.

Seeing this video changed my life, and it might do the same for you.

Sandy J - XOXO

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