219 pounds to 155 pounds. 
*17 Second Morning Ritual*
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…WITHOUT Giving Up Dessert, Carbs, or “Adult Beverages”!

A group of researchers recently discovered how to dramatically increase the metabolism in humans.  It's not about nasty chemicals, GMOs or hormone filled water supplies. And it definitely .has NOTHING to do with insulin, our thyroid, our genetics or even the aging process.
A simple yet powerful method that addresses the real root cause of unwanted weight gain AND we don’t have to removing the FOODS we LOVE, do strenuous EXERCISE, or DETOX.🍔🏋️♂️🌿

This breakthrough research  from top world class research institutions claim the existence of the SWAMP in our bodies and for years, it's been silently bubbling away, forcing us to consistently eat more calories than our body needs.
Crave sugary, Fatty, and processed foods.  Meaning we've been destined to grow larger, faster, like a snowball rolling down a hill. 

 This discovery finally explains why we pack on belly fat and unwanted weight as we age as well as crushing fatigue that leaves us barely able to drive ourselves out of bed each morning.

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About me: Sandy J. I work in the food business, have two children and one grandchild, and I am happily married.
I love my life, my husband, and the new energy I've found.
December 19: About 4 minutes to read.

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